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Frank Vieregge is an experienced freelancer who specializes in ABAP Programming in SAP. He holds a diploma in Information Science from the University of Applied Sciences, FHDW Paderborn, Germany. Having an experience that spans twenty-five years as a qualified information scientist, Frank has had the opportunity to work as a senior SAP application designer and SAP ABAP developer in a diverse and wide range of SAP modules, which include FS-CD, FI, HR primarily. Frank has also had the experience of designing and developing SAP FS-CD solutions within the insurance industries and has gained considerable exposure in different industries through his work experience in companies like AIG, Volkswagen and BASF.

As of now, Frank works as a consultant and a freelancer, whereby he provides his services on contractual terms. He operates under the website http://www.apace-development.co.uk. Having an experience of over 2 decades allows Frank to think of proactive solutions for companies and he designs them accordingly. His insight of the industrial dynamics as well as knowledge of previous trends provides him with an upper hand when dealing with novel challenges and obstacles. Frank works with a limited number of clients at any given time, so that his clients and their business have his undivided attention and he can focus critically on them.

Frank provides complete consultancy to any business or company that contracts with him. This includes not only in the assessment and identification of the problem, but also its diagnosis. Frank then suggests a handful of suggestions, and discusses the pros and cons of each. The final solution that will be designed and implemented is done through a joint collaboration of the business runners and owners and Frank, who discuss the needs of the time and the budget that is available. This discussion also allows Frank to highlight the importance of implementing the SAP solution in its suggested form.

After the designing and implementation of the solution, Frank also guides and aids in its running. He trains the in-house trainer and guides him around the use of the solution. The in-house trainer then guides and trains other personnel in the company. Frank is also available for consultation at a later date if the business faces any problem in understanding and maintaining the designed SAP solution.

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